Business management is a wide-open field with opportunities in a large variety of settings. There are many types of management positions in small, mid-size and large organizations within industry, government and service fields. There will always be a need for effective, highly trained managers.


In addition, Management majors must complete 61 credits in the major.

Required Courses for Management Degree

Business Core (33 credits)

BUS 101 Financial Accounting*

BUS 200 Managerial Accounting or BUS 250 Accounting Principles

BUS 206 Management Principles*

BUS 207 Marketing Principles*

BUS 315 Data Analytics & Information Systems

BUS 342 Business Law

BUS 410 Financial Markets

BUS 411 Financial Decision Making

BUS 426 Strategic Management

BUS 441 Cooperative Education in Business I (enrolled for at least 3 credits)

MAT 208 Introductory Statistics or MAT 209 Probability and Statistics

* must earn a grade of “C” or better

Related Area (6 credits)

ECON 248 Macroeconomics

ECON 249 Microeconomics

High Performer Development Series (3 credits)

BUS 251 High Performer Development Series I

BUS 351 High Performer Development Series II

BUS 451 High Performer Development Series III

Professional Readiness (1 credit)

UNIV 200 Career & Internship Preparation

Management Courses (18 credits)

BUS 280 Human Resource Management

BUS 312 International Business I

BUS 320 Stakeholder Relations

BUS 332 Operations Management

BUS 342 Business Law

BUS 431 Entrepreneurship

BUS 450 Organizational Leadership

Recommended Courses (Optional)

BUS 441 Cooperative Education in Business I

Choosing a dual major can make you even more marketable after graduation. Complementary majors to management include accounting, marketing, sport management and human resource management.

Business Minor

Students who major in another area can minor in business by earning 21 credits. Required courses for a business minor are:

BUS 101 Financial Accounting

BUS 200 Managerial Accounting

BUS 206 Management Principles

BUS 207 Marketing Principles

BUS 342 Business Law

BUS 410 Financial Markets ECON 248 Macroeconomics OR ECON 249 Microeconomics